Cafeteria cleaning

  • Cofeteria cleaning service chicagoAt MSCH JAnitorial Service maintaining the cleanliness of your restaurant is of the utmost importance. Customers spend time in your restaurant every day, and the consequences of having a less than exceptionally clean restaurant will be immediately felt. What’s more, strict health code standards regarding cleanliness must be upheld, or the restaurant could face fines or even have to close its doors.
    At MSCH we provide these services to our restaurant and cafeteria customers, standard services like sweeping, mopping, detail cleaning behind equipment, disposing of debris, cleaning all drains are all standard procedure for MSCH Janitorial Service

    From floor to ceiling cleaning service

    • Wash and sanitize tables, chairs, countertops and sinks
    • Wash and sanitize interior and exterior of trash receptacles
    • Sanitize interior and exterior of microwaves
    • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains