$25.00 / hour for following:

  • Post Construction clean-ups – all details included
  • Foreclosure cleaning – contracts with banks
  • Garage maintenance – sweeping / trash removal / and all other things
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • Factory shop maintenance and all related services
  • all cleaning related non-contract services.

Below is the price chart for information only, this is not actual prices and please be aware that every each location/situation is different, so are prices, we have to see the actual location do give you exact price.

  • Commercial cleaning service, we are charging $0.05 – 0.12 per square feet for regular office cleaning if often then 2 times a week, but we are working on every costumer individually, so the prices are all different.
  • Carpet shampoo / extract service for commercial locations, we are charging $0.08 – 0.25 per square feet for 1,000 square foot or less, if the area is bigger, the price will go down per occur, however our minimum cost per scheduled work is $125.00.
  • Striping and refinish tile floors as well, we are charge $0.12 – 0.27 per square feet if less then 1,000 square feet, then if its bigger, the price will go down.