We all expect that eventually, the threat of COVID will come to pass, hopefully completely. However, the record of this outbreak and the mere existence of these infectious germs are now part of our everyday life and will continue to live with us.

Taking a proactive approach altogether, and making our best effort to protect the health and well-being of our customers and employees, might be all it takes. One of the most critical actions to take is hiring the professional janitorial services Chicago citizens trust.

When it comes to commercial establishments and places with considerable foot traffic, you might want to hire one of the most reputable professional cleaning services Chicago has to offer, such as MSCH Maintenance Services Chicago. Making use of your own employees (unless they’re custodial staff) most likely won’t meet your customers’ and employees’ expectations. Here are some reasons why:

Your Employees Are Not Cleaning Experts

Unless they are getting extra compensation, your employees might not fulfill all the cleaning procedures that your business needs. Can you guarantee your employees will always sanitize door knobs, restroom doors and stalls, office chairs, and every frequently-touched surface? Probably not, as that’s not their field of expertise. You need the most specialized commercial janitorial services Chicago has.

Cleaning Chemicals Poses A Health Risk

If you hire one of the green commercial cleaning companies Chicago offers, such as MSCH Maintenance Services Chicago, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, buying commercial cleaning products without knowledge of whether they are safe and suitable for your particular facility can be a cause of concern. The same principle applies when hiring companies that don’t prioritize the safety of their own employees, and yours.

Even if your employees are using the products adequately, your staff and customers may be subjected to fumes (VOCs) hours after the cleaning is done. If you have noticed that your employees or customers get frequent headaches, and you are cleaning with harsh chemicals, there might be a connection.

There Are Abundant Germs Around

When working with people in enclosed settings, it’s not surprising that when one person is sick, somebody else will likely be sick soon too. After all, we are in contact with the same objects like doorknobs, handrails, and handles, and we even touch each other when shaking hands or passing objects.

Inevitably, germs like to stick around people, and they will continue to do so whether it hits the news or affects the economy or not. By choosing one of the best commercial cleaning services Chicago has, you’ll be taking the first step to make the infectious germs take a sick day, so your employees and our country don’t have to.